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    This document is intended to define the terms and conditions by which EKYOG provides its website users with the website and services available on the website and how the user accesses the website and uses its services.

    Any website connection is dependent on following the terms and conditions.

    For the user, simply accessing the EKYOG website on the following URL address https://www.ekyog.com/implies the agreement to all the conditions described hereafter.

    Intellectual property

    The general structure of the https://www.ekyog.com/ website and any text, graphics, images, sounds and videos on it are the property of the publisher and partners. Any representation and/or reproduction and/or exploitation in part or in full of the content and services provided on the https://www.ekyog.com/ website in any way without prior written authorization from EKYOG and/or its partners is strictly forbidden and may constitute forgery as per articles L 335-2 etc. in the French Intellectual Property Code.
    The EKYOG brand is an EKYOG trademark. Any representation and/or reproduction and/or exploitation in part or in full of the brand in any way is forbidden..

    Hypertext links

    The https://www.ekyog.com/ website may contain hypertext links to other websites on the internet. The links to these other resources will enable you to leave the https://www.ekyog.com/ website.
    A link to this website’s homepage can be created without EKYOG’s express agreement. The publisher cannot request any prior authorization or information about a website that wishes to create a link to the publisher’s website. It is recommended to open this website in a new browser window. However, EKYOG reserves the right to request the removal of a link that it does not believe conforms to the subject of the https://www.ekyog.com/ website.

    Publisher responsibility

    LAny information and/or documents on the website and/or accessible via this website come from sources considered to be reliable.
    However, this information and/or documents may contain technical inaccuracies or spelling mistakes.
    EKYOG reserves the right to correct them as soon as they are informed of these errors.
    It is strongly recommended to check the accuracy and relevance of any information and/or documents on the website.
    The information and/or documents on the website can be amended at any time and may be subject to updates. In particular, they may have been updated between them being downloaded and the website user viewing them.
    The website user is entirely and solely responsible for the use of information and/or documents on the website and is liable for any consequences it may have. EKYOG cannot be held responsible on this subject and the website user cannot have recourse to the brand.
    EKYOG is not liable for any damage of any kind that may arise from the interpretation or use of information and/or documents on the website.

    Website access

    The publisher strives to provide 24/7 website access except due to a force majeure or an event outside EKYOG’s control and subject to potential failures or maintenance required for the website and services to work correctly.
    Therefore, EKYOG cannot guarantee the availability of the website and/or services, the reliability of transmissions and performances in terms of response time and quality. No telephone assistance is available for website users whether it be by online or telephone means. The publisher is not liable in the event of the website and/or use of services being impossible.
    EKYOG may also have to suspend the website or part of the services at any time without prior warning without cause for compensation. The website user acknowledges and agrees that EKYOG is not liable for suspensions and the consequences they may have for the website user or third parties.

    Amendments to terms of use

    EKYOG reserves the right to amend these terms of use at any time without prior warning to adapt them to changes to the website and/or its use.

    Internet usage regulations

    The website user agrees to features and limits of the internet and recognizes that:
    EKYOG is not liable for services available online and has no control whatsoever on the nature and features of the information that may arise through its server center.
    The website user agrees that information available online is not protected from potential misuse. The presence of the EKYOG logo establishes a basic conjecture of validity. The communication of any information that the website user believes to be sensitive or confidential is at their own risk.
    The website user agrees that information available online may be regulated in terms of usage or protected by copyright.
    The website user is solely responsible for the use of information that they view, check and transfer online.
    The website user agrees that EKYOG has no way of controlling the content of services available online.

    Applicable law

    The website and its terms and conditions are under French law no matter where they are used. In the event of disputes and after the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, the case shall solely be held in French courts.
    For any questions about the website’s terms of use, please email us at: serviceclient@ekyog.com
    Content of contributions, comments and behavior
    Upon submission of a comment, the website user agrees in full to the following terms:
    The website user must not send a comment containing any illegal elements such as racist, anti-Semitic, insulting, abusive, distressing or defamatory content and, in general, the website user agrees to respect public order and third party rights.
    In the event of failure to respect the aforementioned requirements, EKYOG reserves the right to suspend the publication of any comment at any time. Should there be no convincing proof that the website user adheres to the terms and conditions, EKYOG reserves the right to delete any comment without prior warning or formality.

    Contributions submissions to EKYOG

    Any content submitted by the website user will be approved or checked beforehand by EKYOG to ensure that the content is in line with the terms and conditions.
    Until the comment has been approved by EKYOG, the content cannot be edited or published on the website. In light of the volume of requests, the website user agrees that EKYOG cannot, under any circumstances, commit to a time for the checking and approval of the content or for sending nominative information justifying why the content is rejected.
    Should EKYOG decide not to publish the comment, they do not need to advise the author or justify/explain their decision. In the event of non-publication, the comment will be destroyed as agreed by the website user.

    Comment publication

    The website user is the sole owner of any comment submitted to EKYOG. Notwithstanding the above and in order for the comment to be published on the website, the website user gives EKYOG authorization required for the following:
    The reproduction of the comment in full or in part, its incorporation and communication to the public on the website, accompanied or not by other text and/or content, and its communication to the public by any means or communication formats hitherto known or unknown.
    Adaptation rights for the purposes of exercising the aforementioned rights.
    This transfer is provided for free for the entire world and for the entirety of the legal protection starting from the date the content is uploaded to the website.
    Contributions and/or comments may be shared by EKYOG on any page on the website.
    EKYOG may delete any content at their leisure and at any time from the website to ensure the website works appropriately and the terms and conditions are adhered to.
    EKYOG may refer to all or part of the comment to facilitate stock management and access to stock. Given the interactive nature of the internet, the website user is informed and agrees that the comment may be presented in different contexts, associated with other items and subject to partial exploitation.
    EKYOG has the option and right to republish the comment on any other service or format managed by EKYOG be it printed or digital. It is understood that no payment is provided for the new publication and the website user agrees to this.
    The website user alone is responsible for uploading comments, EKYOG provides no prior moderation or checks of any kind on the basis that the website user strictly adheres to the terms and conditions.
    Please note, in the event of non-compliance, EKYOG reserves the right to suspend and/or delete any comments breaching the aforementioned terms and conditions