Organic cotton

Approved organic cotton is grown free of
pesticides, GMO or chemical fertilizers
to guarantee clothing that respects
your skin and the environment.
A large amount of our organic cotton products
are approved by GOTS.


Linen is the ultimate eco-friendly fiber and
doesn’t require much water or input
(fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides).
Linen absorbs color very well and
requires less dye than other materials.

Lyocell and modal

Lyocell is a fiber made from eucalyptus trees
and modal comes from beech trees.
The wood these fibers come from is a renewable
and biodegradable raw material in the making.
. It comes from forests that are sustainably managed.

Recycled fibers

These fibers come from clothing that is no longer used or off-cuts to make new yarn. The entire process from recycling to weaving is subject to strict regulations. Water recycling, the use of solar panels, limited transport and carbon offset are how factories achieve a zero-impact objective.

Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester comes from the recycling of plastic bottles. The recycling process  limits considerably energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Dyeing is studied to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. 


Reusing cotton waste. This soft-touch fabric comes from cotton fibers that are too small to be woven. The fibers are then processed in an ISO 14001-certified factory that respects the Oeko-Tex standard. Most of the two solvents used during processing is recycled.


Silk is a sophisticated and stylish fabric containing natural fibers of animal origin: it comes from the silkworm. It also controls heat making it a joy to wear in summer or winter.


Wool locks in warmth and softness. It is a natural, renewable and biodegradable raw material..

Cashmere : Cashmere is a noble raw material, renewable and biodegradable, with an incomparable softness. 

Alpaca : Alpaca is a 100% natural premium wool with a fine fiber, light and silky, non-irritating, it does not contain lanolin, allergenic substance present in the classic wool. It is a fiber with high insulating power. The alpaca comes from a camelid (close to the llama), native to South America. 

Mohair : Mohair is a noble, renewable and biodegradable raw material. It comes from the down of the goats angora and offers a case of extreme softness. 


What’s unique about animal hide is that it is tanned using plant-based products: tree bark, plant extracts; a more eco-friendly solution than traditional chrome tanning.