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    Traceability of our garments and fabrics

    At EKYOG, visibility is our priority. It is a matter of respect and ethic because our commitment is also yours.

    We attach great importance to the origin of the farics we use to manufacture our sustainable garments. It is essential for us to know where our material fibers come from (cotton, linen….). We know precisely the growth and harvesting conditions (organic agriculture, reasoned…).

    In order to establish a certified ethical textile process, all steps of the garment making matter. Traceability is at the heart of our sustainable development process.

    All our suppliers provide us with traceability of their products. From material sourcing until garment manufacturing, through deying process, the nature and composition of the material used to create our eco-designed clothes, everything is registered and traceable. The final aim is to design with passion and commitment ethical clothes you will love to wear.

    It is essential for us that every person involved in the production process works in satisfactory conditions. Safety, timetables, working conditions… Our partners commit themselves on a daily basis to their employees.

    Traceability is :
    - an ongoing requirement
    - a guarantee of quality
    - ensuring the origin, the quality and the eco-responsability on yarns, fabrics and garments you will wear
    - offering you garments manufactured in the best possible conditions for those who manufacture them