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    The EKYOG LAB is a dedicated space for our guests to express themselves.
    Who are they? Fellow brands, artists and personalities we love.
    They all share our values and we hope to introduce you to them and their designs through the EKYOG LAB.
    Check out our first EKYOG LAB guests in store and on our online shop  :


    A partnership that’s all about being real.

    We share the same philosophy as Veja and design our collections in keeping with our beliefs. Veja has conquered the fashion world with sneakers and accessories that respect both mankind and the environment. Their aim is to create a fresh vision by uniting economic, environmental and social development.
    So when we wanted to expand our accessory range, Veja’s iconic sneakers were the natural choice.
    These are sneakers with a difference: organic cotton uppers, wild rubber soles and recycled plastic bottles for the technological fabric.
    A blend of understated style and innovative technology.
    The must-have to accessorize all our looks.


    Biosourced Nailmatic varnish

    For all women who want a natural manicure to fit in with their values, Nailmatic varnishes are perfect ! Bio-sourced, these varnishes offer a color scale which is ethical, sustainable, pretty and bright. They last on your nails for five days and more !

    Nailmatic : vegan, healthy and eco-friendly varnishes

    Responsible and ecofriendly, Nailmatic varnishes are made from vegetal solvents, extracted from natural raw materials (corn, wheat, cassava….) These natural varnishes are made in France. Therefore Nailmatic’s process appealed to us.

    Aware and demanding, Nailmatic brand has excluded chemicals and toxics from their bio-sourced varnishes . A natural varnish, means avoiding traditionnal solvents from petrole or natural gaz which are usually used.

    Colors are intense, luminous and unresistable. Green, blue, red, coral, nude, glittery… Ethical fashionistas love Nailmatic varnishes that match their look and meet Ekyog’s values.