A tale of belief

EKYOG was founded in 2003 with a vision to create a fashion brand that respects both Nature and Mankind. What has fueled us day in day out for over a decade is providing our clients with fashionable yet ethical collections that ooze personality. We strongly believe that bringing sense and satisfaction together enhances our products and makes our world more beautiful and real.


Ethical Fashion


look good

Because together, we share a prevailing love of fashion.
Fashion with personality that’s creative, different and feminine above all.
Fashion that does good and makes you look good.

feel good

Because together, we share a love of welfare and workmanship.
We select the best natural, organic or recycled fabrics
and we put our all into making products for you to enjoy.

do good

Because together, we are devoted to generosity and action.
We don’t use any substances that could harm you or our planet. 
We surround ourselves with partners who share our values and 
our dedication to work ethics and respecting the environment. 
And we’d like you to learn about them and experience our positivity at Ekyog.com
We believe that bringing wisdom and wonder, 
fashion and ethics together makes our products and their wearers dazzle.