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    Organic cotton, linen, wool, silk, … Nature provides the very best, so we use natural fibers to create our collections. You will find no noxious component in our natural garments. It is obvious for us.

    Our requirements cover both the quality in the manufacture of our garments and the well being of women wearing them and the people producing them. Very breathable, our natural fabrics are soft and antiallergic.

    Organic cotton

    We use only organic cotton, as it is more respectful of the environment than basic cotton. It limits allergenic effects and it is softer and more resilient.


    Coming from a plant that needs very little water, linen fiber is one of the most ecological material. A rain-fed system is sufficient for its growth. Known as « benefactor » in the language of flowers, linen is antibacterial. Putting on an Ekyog linen T-shirt gives you a feeling of comfort and lightness.


    As a very hard-wearing fiber, wool is a naturally protective material. The wool we use for our beautiful knitwear comes of righteous production lines, certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) specification. This certification guarantees good treatment of animals, repect of best breedings and soils management.

    We choose suppliers who work respecting the animal dignity. Animals live in good conditions and give exceptional yarns.

    Our knitwear is produced from the following wools:
    - Merinos
    Warm, soft and resilient, it mixes very well with cashmere
    - Mohair (angora goat)
    Subtle and comfortable, mohair wool has the benefit of being wrinkle resistant
    - Alpaga (Peru)
    Light and resistant, Alpaga wool is well known for its softness
    - Cashmere (Mongolia)
    Warm and light, cashmere fiber is extremly soft. Washings bring its beauty out.


    Our silk comes from China : we have decided to benefit from this ancestral know-how. This highest quality silk is thermoregulating. It keeps warm in winter and cools in summer. Its long threads and its very smooth fiber make it extremly pleasant to wear.