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    Lyocell and modal are environmental materials. They offer a perfect drape of fabric and a unique comfort thanks to their breathable qualities.

    These two eco-friendly materials are rayons produced from natural fibers. Modal comes from beech wood and lyocell, also called TencelTM, comes from eucalyptus pulp. The wood used to produce those environmental materials come from eco-managed forests. No primary forest, nor any endangered specie of tree is used in this process of production. These two materials are most eminently long term ecologically.

    Lyocell has proved to be very pleasant to wear. It is more absorbant than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Modal is resilient and fine, truly soft and lovely to touch.

    We remain concerned about the good use of our natural resources. Our brand designs environmental and equitable garments, only from the Lyocell produced by austrian company Lenzing and from modal. This is our choice, as it is the only way to guarantee an eco-responsible material. We work in full confidence with this supplier, who commits himself to recycle as high as 99,9 %.