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    Our certification, our greatest guarantee

    Beyond offering a timeless wardrobe, cool and cosy, we commit ourselves to design it using the most ethical fabrics possible.

    Organic fabrics, recycled materials, no toxic dye…. We rely on recognized certifications and labels, meaningful of quality and particularly of trustful relationships built since 2003 with our suppliers.

    Beyond the requirements of these textile standards, we undertake specifically to improve social benefits and the workers’ life quality. Ethic spreads from cotton growing until clothing conception, through each individual involved working in good conditions, and of course the ecological impact !

    The choice for the most advanced certifications

    We daily do everything to act and obtain certifications and trademarks and to produce better clothes for the environment, for women and men. It is the only way to be certain of the quality of fibers and of the real commitments of the company (working conditions, environmental aspect…). These are all the certifications you will find on EKYOG’s labels.

    Thanks to official and recognized certifications, Suppliers are regularly checked on their environmental and social commitment. Adding regular visit audits by our Director of Sustainable Development and an independent auditor qualified under SA8000.

    Sustainable fashion, is both thinking about :
    - ethic (working conditions, social benefits)
    - Environment (the impact on nature, animal welfare)
    Everything is carefully thought through for the respect of all: from the sowing of organic cotton seeds, to no toxic stonewashing jeans up to the sale in the shop.

    Organic certification

    The most demanding certification for organic cotton. It guaranties organic quality of the textiles and the responsible working conditions. It covers both the environmental and the social aspects. Traceability is guaranteed thanks to the certificate that follows the production line (from raw material to clothing). 

    At Ekyog, our organic cotton is certified by GOTS. 

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    Certification for wool

    RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)
    This certification guarantees the quality of the wool production and the best practices, ensuring animal welfare and responsible management and protection of the land
    (from farming to knitting through shearing). Certification concerns farms and factories by ensuring an identification of the RWS Wool through the whole supply chain.

    For example, our chinese supplier provides us with a certificate guaranteeing the origin, the rearing and processing conditions and the quality of the wool used for EKYOG. Therefore, we are sure the sheeps are treated with respect.

    Certifications for recycled materials

    Repreve is the yarn coming from recycling plastic bottles. Using a REPREVE® yarn avoids the use of oil, emits less greenhouse gases and saves water and energy during the transformation process.

    This standard was developed to attest to the composition of the recycled matieral from a given product. It is in particular used to certify recycled polyester, also the wool, cotton… issued from the recycled material. A minimum of 20% of the recycled product is required. The certificate allows traceability all along the production line (from raw material to finished product). This standards also requires good working conditions and an environmental and chemical impacts minimize.

    Other certifications

    This standard guarantees that each component of an article, that is to say each print, fabric, thread, button and other accessory, has been tested for harmful substances and that this article is therefore harmless for humans. an ecological point of view. At EKYOG, we ask our suppliers to respect the OEKO-TEX 100 standard (grade II, products in direct contact with the skin) for all the accessories, dyes and prints that make up the garments. we offer you.
    It regulates the quantity of residue arising from production and dyeing.

    Our partners : an inspiring example 

    The indian company we work with for our scarves is a family business certified SA8000. On the environmental side, the factory is part of the Zero Water Discharge Program since 2013 and throws no liquid into the hydrographic network and all the used waters are recycled for agriculture. On the social side, priority is given to women when hiring. It should be noted that the company has more women than in the other companies of the industry. A free bus service was put in place for travelling to and from work. The company has even created a foundation to improve girl unprivileged education. A beautiful example !