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    All of our garments in cotton are produced from organic cotton fibers. All seeds are therefore guaranteed free of GMO and pesticide. Chemicals staffs used in the fields until clothing are banished or restricted according to their toxicity to the environment and to humans. For us it is essential, for the health of the cotton growers who sow the seeds by hand, as well as for you wearing our garments.

    Our garments in organic cotton

    For our beautiful knitwear yarn, fabric of our organic cotton dresses, but also most of our organic jeans are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This label, recognized as a global reference for textiles made from organic fibers, imposes that 70% of the organic material comes from organic agriculture.

    In that type of organic cotton agriculture, water is recovered and reprocessed in order to minimize the use of this resource.

    Organic cotton softness

    At EKYOG, your well-being is our priority. Our organic cotton garments are meant to surround you with softness and warmth. Resilient and lovely to wear, they are adaptable to any mood for a chic and ethical look.


    Based in China, our supplier for organic cotton is one of our major partners. We have established with him a relationship based on trust, we know the production site and we know the working conditions are good.